From roots to soul

From roots to soul

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Only available for Italian market
A vineyard in a splendid amphitheater at an altitude of 650 meters

which allows the perfect ripening of grapes suitable for Alta Langa sparkling wine, maintaining the freshness of the aromas and acidity. The choice reflects the desire to pay homage to my family’s past and traditions. My parents are originally from the Alta Langa and the memory of my childhood spent in that land among hazelnut groves and fields, where you can play freely, is still very strong and full of emotions. It was wonderful to spend all the summer holidays on those hills of the simple, poor but authentic Langa. Today, due to the climate change that is taking place, that territory can affirm its potential and know the well-deserved fame thanks to the producers who invest in vineyards and bring the Alta Langa name to the world. I am happy that we too can do our part, albeit small, for the enhancement of a territory that will always remain in my heart.


Arneis vine variety has been penalised in the past, not because of it grapes but because of a wrong understanding of it. It was considered to be a simple and everyday wine without ambitious characteristics.

However, in the last 20 years the quality of this wine has very much increased thanks to a more attentive analysis of the ripening level of grapes as well as thanks to a more ambitious wine-making technique. Arneis can now compete with the best Italian white wines. We carried out two experiments on Arneis in order to demonstrate its qualitative potential: in 2008 we started to produce it from a 20/30% maceration with the skins and in the same year we began to use the screw cap. Both experiments showed an incredible evolution, that never happened before. This confirms that Arneis is far from being just a simple wine.


A wine that combines the tradition of Arneis grapes with the innovation of an alternative element such as the screw cap. It echoes the salt of the sea that covered Roero millions of years ago.

A bold Arneis, with the great desire to demonstrate its potential, result of an old vineyard and many years of resting bottle.

This wine is the result of the intuition of a humble and enterprising farmer who perfectly knew his territory. Our Sauvignon is an apparently timid white wine compared to the French or South Tyrol “giants”.

However on the palate it reveals its interesting characteristics, its innovative freshness and potential; all of these are features that perfectly mirror the personality of the wine’s creator. This is a wine full of emotions and memories.


The mischievous Brachetto. I remember that as a child I climbed on the chairs of the tasting room, without being seen by my parents in order to reach those big glasses stained of red. They emanated a completely new and charming

scent for my little nose. I could smell a delicate rose perfume and I was entranced by its sweetness: it was my first encounter with a glass of Anthos. This is an illusionist wine, floral and sweet to the nose but countered by a dry taste in line with its freshness. This wine shows the illusions of preconceptions, and it fulfils all expectations and surprises at every sip. Its intriguing and fun taste combines perfectly with the spices of Asian cuisine, with fresh fish recipes or with an aperitif on a warm summer evening.


If I close my eyes I see myself around a bonfire singing traditional songs in a cheerful atmosphere with a bottle of red wine passing from hand to hand. It was the first time that the Barbera lifted our hearts. Barbera wine has

the power to create special bonds amongst people, its red ruby colour, its scent of red fruits and its young and fragrant taste all invite people to stay together and share good moments. This is perfect for a group of friends and a guitar.


Drinking this wine means being thrown at once in the sandy Roero hills, where the sun meets Nebbiolo’s vineyards and silent woods. Roero is a preparatory wine, a classic and typical wine produced with attention and care.

It has a noble and sincere character. Its scent reminds me of violets and spring flowers like the sensation of a breathless run in flowering fields in our childhood. Its taste is a charming dance between the full character of Nebbiolo and the delicate elegance typical of the Roero territory. Intense and pleasant on the palate, it has a fine, clear and tannic structure that leaves long-lasting emotions behind it.


“The first time I drunk it I understood that it was a magic wine, something alive. What I had in my glass was not just a fermented grape juice but an extract of passion, efforts, sensitivity, fears and enthusiasm..

a concentrate of emotions. Marun marked a turning point in my life. Hadn’t I tried it, I wouldn’t have admired Matteo the way I do now and I might have not been working in his winery. This is not a wine for a special moment, but this wine is what makes a moment special.”


The soil, the age of the vineyard and the microclimate contribute to the elegant character of this wine, which particularly suits the Roero style. This is a silky and mineral wine in which freshness harmonically meets a solid structure

which will last for many years. The Roero and Val dei Preti areas guide wine lovers in a journey full of surprises: at first they will meet the hard side of its tannins, which particularly hits the palate of those who are not used to the variety and taste of “Piedmont’s king”. After some degustation this initial impression is replaced by other interesting sensations turning into curiosity and full love. Yield to its sensations and fall in love with it.


This wine reminds me of the possibility to dream, to go beyond appearance and to foresee what the future can bring. When I first saw the vineyard it was unrecognisable, abandoned, wild; it had been neglected for year

even decades. But then I saw it through Matteo’s eyes: beautiful, thriving, fruitful and adorned by Nebbiolo’s grapes sparkling in the sunlight. That vineyard was first of all a dream of a man, it was firmly and passionately desired and now it is praised by wine lovers. I feel honoured to have seen it at its very beginning, when I had to use the eyes of my imagination. This wine perfectly matches with aged cheese and I love to drink it at the end of a meal, after dessert. A wonderful last sip that from the palate reaches the heart and guides me in my nostalgic dreams.


The idea was formed by two "opposite" personalities tied by the same blood and passion. This project was brought to life thanks to the perfect match between different abilities and interests and the same dream:

to fulfil the teachings of a farsighted father who loved a challenge.

Giovanni decided how to make it and Brigitta how to “dress” it.

I like to call this wine “the foreigner” perfectly integrated in our land and in synergy with the artist who designed its label. Coco Cano, the designer of all our labels, comes from Uruguay and has now fully adopted the culture of Piedmont region.

In designing the label for this wine he expressed a new interpretation of the Roero hills. We called this wine Le Marne Grigie to recall the place where Matteo planted this mix of French grape varieties. This wine interprets the Roero territory from a new perspective to express and seize the diverse features of this sandy territory to the fullest. Ideal to drink it with game, red meat or just alone in order to enjoy a meditative moment about what our territory can give us.


A perfect wine to drink when you are looking for sweetness, warmth, relax and a sincere smile. Anthos passito conveys all the magic of Brachetto grapes through its bright red ruby colour. The nose reveals fragrant aromas

of grapes, cherry, strawberry and raspberry. These pleasant and fresh scents are enhanced by the alcoholic component and conquer the palate through the typical softness of passito. Its fresh and sweet taste gradually blends with a sensation of long delight.


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