The idea was formed by two "opposite" personalities tied by the same blood and passion.



Production: 400 bottles
Soil: Area “La Val dei Preti” 65% fine sand, 4% course sand, 29% silt, 2% clay
Exposure and altitude: South / 290-260 m above sea level
Harvest: manual, beginning October
Training system: vertical trellised
Pruning: Guyot
Planting density: 5500 plants/ha
Yield: 45-50 hl/ha
Vinification: 45-50 days of skin maceration in ceramic amphora
Aging: at least 20 months in ceramic amphora; at least 20 months in bottle.
Serving temperature:  18/19°
Galloni-Vinous points:
Vino Rosso APAPÀ 2017 – 92


The idea was formed by two “opposite” personalities tied by the same blood and passion. This project was brought to life thanks to the perfect match between different abilities and interests and the same dream: to fulfil the teachings of a farsighted father who loved a challenge.

Giovanni decided how to make it and Brigitta how to “dress” it. 

“In the spring of 2015, my sister and I, decided to create something new that represented us in memory of our father: that’s how “apapà” was born.

100% Nebbiolo grapes from old vines in the “Val dei Preti” vineyard, made entirely in ceramic amphora.

‘Why ceramic?’ Because dedicating a wine to a creative person who loved to experiment, like my dad was, and use wood (new, old, big barrel, small barrel) felt mundane. It needed something new, something that we never used.

I love this wine because it’s extremely pure and it represents Nebbiolo’s qualities at its best. Elegance and freshness are well balanced by a very present yet smooth tannin.

The denomination is ‘vino rosso’: the DOCG “Roero” requires some aging in wood while  “apapà” doesn’t do any. Moreover, we choose not to use “Langhe Nebbiolo” since we feel like it was never a good way to represent the “Roero” wine region. It would be helpful as a marketing strategy since “Langhe” is far more known but it would go against both our and our father’s believes.”


“The beginning of the design of this label brought up memories and emotions that were hiding in a safe place for a long time. Usually, creative ideas come and flow spontaneously but in this case, emotions played some tricks on me. The first thing that became clear was the shape I wanted: round like a “mandala”. Mandalas are an art form I learned and researched in depth, in a very important journey of mine to India. Tradition wants that mandalas, the immediate graphic manifestation of our interior microcosm, are created to be destroyed. “Not ideal for a wine label”, I thought. I opened up a bottle of this wine and I let the hand flow on the canvas moved entirely by ‘liquid inspiration’. I decided that it was the moment to capture and keep forever.

Here’s the result in a brief description to allow everyone’s imagination to create their own drawing..

Three trees (my mom, Giovanni and I), each one has its own color/ uniqueness and personality, but they all look harmonic together. Deep rooted (roots represent the past): three people who know their provenance, who were able to find strength, energy and turn a stormy past into something to learn from. In the center there is an abstract ‘heart’, to which sap and energy collide rising from the roots. The heart wants to represent the place where each one of us keeps the memory of my father safe.

Of places and events to commemorate him, we have plenty. It’s the place in which all of his teachings reside: passion, follow your intuition, experiment, the courage to believe in an idea. These are all the values that nurture each one of our steps.

The branches, starting from the heart, expand synergistically in every direction, reaching for the sky. The sky is another symbolic place where our father lives now and where intuitions are formed.”