“Being young and not being revolutionary
is a biological contradiction. “

Salvador Allende

“Being young and not being revolutionary is a biological contradiction.”

Salvador Allende

The story of a revolutionary


This is the story of a revolutionary, a pioneer, who was the first to look beyond the hills of Roero and focus on the bigger picture.

Matteo reached as far as the stars, becoming one himself, asteroid n°. 13917. Its orbit crosses that of the Roero asteroid n°.8075.
….distant but close, in an indissoluble tie, like only fate can be.

In 1985, 23-year-old Matteo inherits the lands and farm belonging to his father, Giovanni Battista. In those years Roero is a promiscuous agricultural land and the wine produced is kept for families and friends.

Matteo courageously goes against the tide and focuses on sustainable viticulture and quality.

His plan is about creating wines which are worthy of taking the name of Roero around the world, enhancing the terroir, which was underestimated until that time. (He will succeed with Roche d’Ampsej, first Roero denomination wine to fly overseas.

His revolutionary work is soon noticed by Roberto Voerzio and Elio Altare, who start giving him advice and following his progress.

Within a short time, Matteo joins the Barolo Boys and is the only non-Barolo wine producer. He shares their ideals of change, but follows different wine-making styles; they are not suited to the land of Roero, which is able to produce elegant and floral Nebbiolo.

He anticipates other winemakers of his area with his wine production, dividing and denominating the different vintages. 1987 sees the birth of the first vintage, Marun (pure Barbera) and La Val dei Preti (wine made from 100% nebbiolo),

perfectly capable of enhancing the distinctive traits of the age-old sandy soil of Roero.

In 1989, Matteo contacts the emergent Slow Food association to find inspiration for his labels. Fate makes its move, yet again. On the advice of his friends at Slow Food, he meets Coco Cano, the Uruguayan artist in love with the Roero hills, who begins creating the labels for the winery and still continues to do so.


Matteo was always loved and respected by everyone; his sunny disposition and his verve won him the true friendship of many leading personalities of the time, such as Carlo Petrini and Renato Dominici (it was impossible to leave his restaurant Le Carmagnole without tasting Anthos). Sadly, Matteo is no longer with us, but these friendships continue.

In 2001, Matteo dies whilst working in his beloved vineyards: fate has irreversibly changed the course of events, but the enthusiasm and courage of the Correggia family remains strong. It continues on the track laid by Matteo, always under the banner of innovation, love and respect for Roero.