Coco Cano


Coco Cano was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts; in the 70s he had to leave South America to escape military dictatorship.

Once in Europe he lived in Barcelona, Bordeaux, Amsterdam and Berlin before coming to Italy where he finally found the idea of home he longed for.

He studied photography and graphics in Turin, where he met new people and where he permanently settled down.

His contact with the Langhe and Roero territory became a sort of spiritual collision from which didn’t separate anymore. The winding hills reminded him of his Uruguayan sea, the Atlantic waves were mirrored in the wonderful vineyards. He made the acquaintance of Carlin Petrini, founder of the Slow Food Movement, who organised his first art exhibition in Italy. It was through this common acquaintance that Coco Cano met Matteo Correggia, a young and smart wine producer who was looking for a new label design for his wines: a traditional but at the same time revolutionary production. From that moment on the collaboration between Coco Cano and Matteo and his family has never stopped.

Art pieces in limited edition have been produced over the years, like silkscreen prints, engraved slates and special graphic patterns.

Since 2016, Coco Cano and Correggia farm have worked together on the project called Correggia Cultura, whose objective is to promote the existing bond between wine and culture.

In the new label series of 2017, little painting sections extracted from Coco Cano’s artworks are an invitation to look forward with renewed faith and optimism to build a future with new generations.

The hills have the same structure, but the wine varieties have now a common design, just slightly modifying the Roero’s landscape.